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Proactive Downtime Prevention Saves Millions in Financial Services Industry
Hear from our CEO, Don Boxley, and learn about the unique challenges that financial services organizations face surrounding data security
Migrate SQL Server Databases to Kubernetes with DH2i and SUSE
DH2i and SUSE are excited to announce a partnership to help organizations modernize their SQL Server environments with containers more
Containers Vs. Virtual Machines: Why the Paradigm Shift Matters
Check out this article written by our CEO, Don Boxley, that talks about the evolution of virtual machines to containers
DH2i Partners with SUSE to Ease SQL Server Container Modernization
DH2i and SUSE Collaboration Enables Faster Application Deployment, Improved Resource Utilization, and Cost Savings for SQL Server Environments FORT COLLINS,
A Game-Changer in Network Security and Performance
In the healthcare industry, IT professionals shoulder a weighty responsibility that extends beyond technology. Their crucial role directly impacts the
Unlock the Path to SQL Server Container Modernization with Rancher and DH2i
SQL Server holds an organization’s most business-critical data assets. Therefore, maximum uptime and security are among the top priorities for

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