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Navigating Microsoft SQL Server and Kubernetes in the Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Era
In a business world that’s increasingly leaning on hybrid and multi-cloud environments for agility and competitiveness, DH2i’s recent launch of
DH2i releases DxOperator for deploying SQL Server containers on Kubernetes
DH2i recently unveiled a new technology called DxOperator as an included feature in the latest iteration of its Smart High
DH2i DxOperator Redefining SQL Server Containers for Kubernetes
Krista Macomber and Paul Nashawaty from The Futurum Group provide their thoughts on DH2i’s recent DxOperator announcement, a new technology
DH2i Adds Operator to Simplify SQL Server High Availability on Kubernetes
Check out this article written by Mike Vizard on DH2i’s new DxOperator tool for simplifying highly available SQL Server Kubernetes
DH2i: Bringing High Availability to Microsoft SQL Server on Kubernetes
Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx took the time to do a quick write-up on DH2i’s newest innovation, DxOperator for SQL Server
DxOperator for SQL Server Availability Group
What is Kubernetes Operator? Kubernetes operator is a custom controller that extends Kubernetes functionalities. Operator is responsible for managing pods,
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