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Navigating Microsoft SQL Server and Kubernetes in the Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Era
In a business world that’s increasingly leaning on hybrid and multi-cloud environments for agility and competitiveness, DH2i’s recent launch of
DxOperator for SQL Server Availability Group
What is Kubernetes Operator? Kubernetes operator is a custom controller that extends Kubernetes functionalities. Operator is responsible for managing pods,
Like the VMs Before Them – SQL Server Containers Are Exploding in Use
In the tech industry, we often see game-changing trends that redefine how we handle computing. Sometimes, these trends escalate to
Demonstrating the Wildest AG You’ve Ever Seen on Microsoft’s “Data Exposed”
On a random Thursday in September, our brave SQL Server heroes, OJ Ngo, Co-Founder and CTO at DH2i, and Amit
Achieving Adequate Uptime for SQL Server in Kubernetes Means Thinking Outside the Pod
There is a reason why SQL Server isn’t exactly considered low-hanging fruit for Kubernetes containerization projects. The average SQL Server
Breaking Barriers in Government IT – DH2i’s Solutions for Resilient Data and Fortified Security
In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, the role of government is undergoing a profound transformation. The traditional methods

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