Software-Defined Perimeter to Eliminate VPN Vulnerabilities

Take the complexity out of connecting network assets on any infrastructure and put your organization on a path to Zero Trust security. Integrate DxOdyssey Software-Defined Perimeter with any existing security technologies in your environment.

No “man in the middle” Network Connectivity and Zero Trust Security

DxOdyssey software enables you to create a direct connect Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) with application-level Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunnels. With DxOdyssey you don’t need to trust us with your data because we’re never “in the middle” of your data stream.


DxOdyssey gives your servers, storage, applications, IoT devices and users direct access to the data endpoints they need — no more, no less. Deploying DxO:

Eliminates lateral network attacks

Improves data transfer rates up to 3X faster

Gives you total control over your data stream

Want to see DxOdyssey Software-Defined Perimeter software in action?

Direct Connect Software-Defined Perimeter Technology

Securely connect your resources, from anywhere to anywhere.

Use DxOdyssey SDP to build ZTNA tunnels that securely connect on-premises sites and/or hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and unlock the flexibility to easily scale your secure network to match changing business needs.

Connect servers, IoT devices, applications and users without VPNs for better network security.
ZTNA tunneling for scalable multi-site, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.
Enable application-level access control for workloads such as RDP and SSH connections.
With DH2i, you’re free to run the show the way you know it should go. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.
It’s free to run and so are you. Download a full-feature developer edition.

Full Network Address Translation (NAT) coverage

Get up and running quickly using your existing network infrastructure

  • Seamless NAT traversal (hole punching): full cone NAT, restricted cone NAT, port restricted NAT
  • Supports Windows, Linux, any OS, any server, any cloud
  • Easy installation and configuration: No network reconfiguration required, and no appliances to deploy, configure or maintain

High Security and Low Latency

Enjoy reliable, secure connectivity with industry-best performance

  • Direct connect SDP gateways without any “middleman” data path intrusions
  • Discreet invisibility with no open ports and full DTLS encryption for uncrackable network data security
  • Patented hybrid TCP-UDP data transport to increase network throughput performance by up to 40%
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Native. Containerized. Anywhere in Between.

DH2i gets you closer to zero downtime.