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Leading failover and networking performance, easy deployment on any mix of infrastructure, full integration with containers and an unwavering commitment to management simplicity.

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Industrial IoT

DxE: Product of the Year - 2023

DH2i’s DxEnterprise offers application-level HA which seeks to reduce the time and cost for such solutions.

Gary Chen Research Manager, Software Defined Compute, IDC

Enhancing legacy technology (e.g., VPNs) with an advanced Software-Defined Perimeter approach like that of DH2i’s DxConnect, would be a smart strategy to fortify and unify your organization’s connectivity security.

Eric Hanselman Chief Analyst, 451 Research

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Multi-platform smart high availability clustering software

  • Minimize planned and unplanned downtime for Microsoft SQL Server deployments
  • Get fully automatic failover for SQL Server availability groups  in Kubernetes
  • Complete modernization/patching at the speed of an application stop-start


Software-defined perimeter network security

  • Use Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunnels to eliminate lateral network attacks
  • Ensure uninterrupted access for data flows, and integrate into any application using any OS
  • Leverage patented hybrid TCP/UDP data transport for maximum performance