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Breaking Barriers in Government IT – DH2i’s Solutions for Resilient Data and Fortified Security
In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, the role of government is undergoing a profound transformation. The traditional methods
Top 2023 Disaster Recovery Solutions: Essential Guide for Enterprises
DH2i’s DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software is featured on US Venture News’ list of the top disaster recovery (DR)
Redefining Network Security with SDP
Hear from our CEO, Don Boxley, on the future of network security and why so many organizations are moving away
Revolutionizing Data Networks – Advantages of SDP for Large Data Transfers in Data Lake Environments
A data lake is a central storage repository that allows organizations to store vast amounts of data in its raw
Proactive Downtime Prevention Saves Millions in Financial Services Industry
Hear from our CEO, Don Boxley, and learn about the unique challenges that financial services organizations face surrounding data security
Migrate SQL Server Databases to Kubernetes with DH2i and SUSE
DH2i and SUSE are excited to announce a partnership to help organizations modernize their SQL Server environments with containers more

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