Willie Nelson wrote his famous song during simpler times… There’s a reason why today’s organizations can’t share in that same excitement to get their teams “On the road again,” and it all comes down to perimeter security.

Whether they’re working from home or on the road, your team members need access to company resources at all hours. Modern business has done a fantastic job of enabling this level of flexibility, but it comes at a cost. Trying to lock down these connections is extremely stressful, and traditional methods like VPNs and open ports leave you vulnerable and dependent on a terrifying amount of blind trust.

That’s where Software Defined Perimeters (SDPs) come in. SDPs allow us to micro-segment network access and create a Zero-Trust security model to ensure that resources can be accessed from anywhere and still be kept secure.

Join DH2i’s Connor Cox in this on-demand webinar to learn about a Software Defined Perimeter solution that gets your team “On the road again.”


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