DxConnect & DxOdyssey: Zero Trust Integrated Secure Connectivity Software

Security in today’s world is one of the most challenging hurdles for organizations to overcome, especially with the explosion of hybrid cloud deployments, remote workers and IoT devices. The connectivity between these elements can be extremely complex and the traditional ways to connect them can leave your data vulnerable. This whitepaper showcases how DH2i’s secure connectivity software, DxConnect and DxOdyssey, can simplify your datacenter while also making it resilient to attacks. DxConnect and DxOdyssey provide:

  • A single Zero Trust solution for remote user access, cloud native microservice connections, and hybrid and multi-cloud deployments
  • Cost-effective cyber security protection flexible enough for all connectivity needs for the next decade…and beyond
  • Application-level micro-tunnels with discreet invisibility through totally vendor agnostic technology
Access the Whitepaper
Learn how DxConnect and DxOdyssey enable zero trust integrated secure connectivity.

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