Zero Trust Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security with DxOdyssey

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments drastically decrease costs, physical infrastructure, and latency for horizontal concerns like disaster recovery, or organization-specific needs such as distributed datacenters. However, expanding the data ecosystem across remote environments heightens security issues. Information assets are no longer behind an organization’s firewall. The risk of exposure—and breach—increases with each additional IT setting.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • The inherent vulnerabilities of traditional networking technologies like VPN
  • The inner-workings of how the DxOdyssey matchmaking service and secure micro-tunneling technology works
  • How DxOdyssey can be leveraged to provide peak network security in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments
Access the Whitepaper
Learn how DxOdyssey software-defined perimeter unlocks peak security for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

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