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How to Build Shared Disk SQL Server Clusters in Azure

In July, Microsoft released Azure shared disks—the very first shared cloud block storage technology in existence. Check out this on-demand webinar to view a live demo of Azure shared disks and learn how our DxEnterprise software enhances this new technology.

How to Mitigate SQL Server Costs Amidst Pandemic-Ravaged Budgets

Watch this on-demand webinar for a brief presentation and live demo to learn how DxEnterprise can improve your SQL Server environment by allowing you to stack SQL Server instances and reduce OS footprint by 8-15x, save 30-60% on Microsoft licensing costs, and create highly available, mixed-version clusters with any SQL edition.

How to Secure Remote Connections with Free and Effective SDP Software

To help organizations achieve a higher level of security without the burden of added costs during these trying times, DH2i is offering its DxOdyssey Software Defined Perimeter software free of charge until at least August 31, 2020. So, if your organization wants to enhance your approach to network security or avoid the cost-prohibitive nature of other WFH software options, watch our on-demand webinar.

Overcoming the HA/DR and Networking Challenges of SQL Server on Linux with Joey D’Antoni

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to mitigate the configuration challenges and normal headaches associated with traditional clustering solutions. SQL Server visionary Joey D’Antoni will show you how to use DH2i machine images to easily deploy highly available SQL Server on Linux into AWS—including across disparate sites, zones and regions.

On the Road Again: How to Secure Your Network for Remote User Access

Whether they’re working from home or on the road, your team members need access to company resources at all hours. Traditional methods like VPNs and open ports leave you vulnerable and dependent on a terrifying amount of blind trust. Learn about a Software Defined Perimeter solution that ensures resources can be accessed from anywhere and still be kept secure.