Crack the Code: Deploy SQL Server AG in Kubernetes Like a Boss

It’s no secret. Deployment of SQL Server Always on Availability Groups (AG) is far from straightforward. Add Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and SQL Server Docker containers to the equation and you have yourself a triple-stacker complexity sandwich.

However, a few brave gentlemen, Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal and DH2i’s OJ Ngo and Ian Buse, are ready to show you how easily you can crack the code of SQL Server AG on AKS.

Check out this webinar to watch Amit, OJ, and Ian enable highly available SQL Server AG in AKS with scalable secondary replica containers—AN INDUSTRY FIRST—using DH2i’s smart clustering technology.

You will learn how to:

  • Easily and quickly provision an Always on Availability Group in SQL Server in AKS
  • Demonstrate fully-automatic failover of the SQL Server AG primary to secondary replicas
Access the Webinar

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