Highly Available SQL Server AGs in Google Kubernetes Engine featuring Sandeep Arora

According to a recent survey,1 of the organizations running containers in the public cloud 35% are running containers in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Given Google’s background orchestrating containers at scale—after all, they created Kubernetes in the first place—it’s no surprise that GCP and its feature-rich Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) are used by a large percentage of the container community.

In 2017, Microsoft released full container support for SQL Server, making it perfectly poised to take advantage of the feature set that GKE has to offer. In this technical how-to session, Cloud Infrastructure Architect Sandeep Arora walks attendees through how to set up and configure a highly available SQL Server availability group between containers on GKE. He’ll show you how to:

  • Create the GCP resources
  • Deploy the container and container resources
  • Create and manage a highly available SQL Server availability group


About Sandeep Arora

Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Pythian

Sandeep has done some serious tech stuff. Sandeep stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology trend: Cloud Services & DevOps. He has spent the past ten years evangelizing from a role in database administration to trying to automate everything using PowerShell to doing some stuff in the DevOps world to becoming a Cloud Infrastructure Architect in AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI. If he is not watching any video tutorials or helping a customer put out fires, then you can find him at the gym.

1The State of Container and Kubernetes Security, Winter 2020

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