How to Make Your Virtualized SQL Server Even Better: Higher Availability and Lower Costs

With new Smart Availability technology, you can dramatically reduce VM sprawl, improve HA and overall datacenter manageability, and significantly reduce licensing and support costs—even if you’ve already consolidated. Join DH2i’s Connor Cox on September 26th at 2pm ET for this informative webinar on how you can make your virtualization investment even better.

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Learn How to Cluster SQL Server without WSFC

Watch this webinar to learn about DxEnterprise, an alternative approach to clustering. This new approach provides advanced SQL Server clustering without the complexities and limitations of WSFC.

The Non-Violent Approach to SQL Server Consolidation and Cost Savings

Check out this webinar for a short introduction to DH2i’s DxEnterprise software and how it can be used to achieve significant SQL Server consolidation and cost savings. It won’t take you long to understand exactly why organizations from the federal government to the Global 500 have deployed DxEnterprise Smart Availability.