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Standalone to HA Clusters in Minutes

Watch this on-demand demonstration of the hot new container technology that will change your assumptions about what it takes to implement high-availability clusters. DH2i’s Carl Berglund transforms standalone SQL Server instances on a mix of different OS versions and even hypervisor guests into an automated HA cluster failing over between systems—in just a few minutes.

Edwin Sarmiento

SQL Server MVP & MCM Edwin Sarmiento Presents

Learn to eliminate the pain of SQL Server migration–for version 2005 and beyond. Edwin Sarmiento drills into specific migration challenges and provides recommendations on what works and what doesn’t. He also demonstrates a new approach that gets rid of migration pain for good.

When Virtualization Leaves You Hanging

Virtualization is great for protecting your SQL Server instances from infrastructure faults. Unfortunately, it can leave you hanging when it comes to protection from OS- or application-related failures. In this webinar, you’ll learn the best options for SQL Server application and OS resiliency.


Visionary Denny Cherry Presents

Join superstar consultant and SQL Server MVP Denny Cherry for this webinar on a SQL Server availability technology that has industry pundits buzzing. Denny explains the top SQL Server HA, DR, and consolidation challenges his clients face time and time again. He also shares strategies he’s seen work in the wild and identifies the gaps where these standard approaches fall short.

SQL Server Consolidation & HA—for Any Edition

In this hands-on tutorial, we show you how to make any SQL Server instance highly available—even with multi-subnet geo-clustering—regardless of its version or edition. We also demonstrate new functionality that lets you safely stack your highly available instances to improve utilization and save on license costs.