A Year in Review: DH2i’s Top Accomplishments of 2020

2020 has come to a close and it truly was one for the history books.

Though the year was off to a relatively “normal” start, it quickly turned as we found ourselves facing many uncertainties and unpleasant surprises. Despite the numerous trials we endured, DH2i had some memorable moments in 2020 that we are very proud to share.

Not only did we expand our reach by entering the IoT market, but we also earned a spot in multiple cloud marketplaces. We even got the chance to participate in some powerful collaborations and were recognized for our DxAdvantage Partner Program for the third year in a row.

Check out some of our top accomplishments of 2020.


DH2i Enters IoT Space

In early October, we expanded our SDP capabilities to IoT with the release of DxOdyssey for IoT. To learn how DxOdyssey outshines legacy approaches to IoT networking while enabling secure connectivity between edge devices, the datacenter and cloud, read this whitepaper.

Beyond our approach to secure IoT networking, we had the opportunity to partner with Microsoft to create an end-to-end IoT security solution with Azure SQL Edge and DxOdyssey for IoT. Watch this on-demand webinar on the Microsoft Channel 9 IoT Show to explore this integrated solution and view a demo of this combined technology in action.

For a quick rundown of this joint solution, review this one-pager.


DH2i In the Clouds

Last year, we had the chance to offer both our DxOdyssey and DxEnterprise solutions in the trusted cloud marketplaces. Not only did our DxEnterprise for Availability Groups (AGs) software become available in the AWS marketplace, it also earned a spot in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

In addition to releasing DxOdyssey for IoT in October, we were given the opportunity to offer this solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to reach even more potential customers.


 Microsoft’s Kevin Farlee Joins Us in Azure

The DH2i team was fortunate to collaborate with Microsoft Program Manager, Kevin Farlee, on not just one, but two solutions for the Azure cloud.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about Azure shared disks from Kevin Farlee himself and discover how DxEnterprise enhances this technology to enable highly available (HA) clustered SQL Server instances.

Learn about Microsoft’s licensing change that allows for free AG replicas and how our SDP enhanced AG software makes deploying and managing these replicas easier than ever. View the recording here.


 SQL Server HA on Linux with SQL Server MVP Joey D’Antoni

Join Joey D’Antoni with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting to overcome the HA/DR and networking challenges of SQL Server on Linux. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how to use DH2i machine images to deploy HA SQL Server on Linux into AWS.

For HA SQL Server on Linux in Azure deployment options, dive into this technical whitepaper.


 DxAdvantage Partner Program Recognized by CRN

Year after year, our DxAdvantage Partner Program continues to receive recognition for going above and beyond for our partners. Take a look at the full announcements to discover why CRN featured our partner program in the 2020 Cloud Partner Program Guide along with the 2020 Partner Program Guide.


These are just a few of the highlights that kept us moving forward last year. Though 2020 has come to an end, we have tons of new, exciting doors opening in 2021 and we welcome you to take a step in with us. Stay tuned!