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Vhost_SoloHow Does It Work?

InstanceMobility uses an extremely lightweight, agile abstraction technology that intelligently decouples Windows and Linux instances and Docker containers from a bare-metal, virtual or cloud server. Our logical, host-based abstraction (“Vhost”) is a near-weightless wrapper with a network name and an IP address that can be easily unbound from one host and bound to another.

Our Vhost allows the instance to run on the local OS with the local application install. No OS weight and no boot time wait—just the time for the local application or Docker container to start. And with native NTFS/ext4/xfs disk(s) also assigned to the Vhost, data and logs are consistently presented wherever the Vhost is active—even persisting data when moving containers between hosts.

See how our logical host technology works.


InstanceMobility from any host, to any host, anywhere—with just a stop/start

  • Multi-platform support
  • Near weightless encapsulation
  • Stack workloads, not machines
  • No boot time, just local application/container start
  • Complete data tier portability and management
  • Multi-subnet/geo cluster enabled
  • Manageable from our GUI, Windows Powershell, or your smartphone

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