Software Defined Perimeter

A Critical Component to a Zero-Trust Architecture

The traditional network perimeter is a thing of the past. Users demand access from external networks, vendors and subsidiaries need to get in to central systems and your applications and data now run anywhere from multi-site to multi-cloud.

How does a modern enterprise handle this new reality? 

Traditional approaches, such as enterprise VPNs, don’t go far enough. Just look at all of the recent data breaches to hit headlines. The old approaches are complex to set up and require costly dedicated appliances/routers. Maintaining ACLs and firewall rules is an ongoing challenge. These solutions can often present performance issues. And most importantly, they can often create a very large lateral attack surface.


DH2i takes an innovative new approach to networking connectivity by enabling organizations to create a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). We believe that helping you to provide users with application-level segmentation / isolation / protection is superior to giving them access to an entire slice of the network. Giving limited access at the app level rather than network level is a critical component to implementing Zero Trust, due to its minimization of the overall attack surface.


We believe in approaching networking through creation of secure SDP. Micro-tunnels should limit access based on apps and users, not by network. Setting up a hybrid network should be easy AND safe.  And we want to help make your hybrid cloud / multi-site / multi-cloud dreams come to life with the greatest level of security available.


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