Redefine Database Availability

Availability and cost are positively correlated. If you want peak availability for your environment, you are going to have to pay up. It’s going to be complex to manage and you’re going to hate it sometimes, but that’s just the reality of your situation. Initial configuration was tough, but the outrageous hours you have to work now to keep your 24×7 environment up and running smoothly are completely maddening.

The only thing you can really do is accept the facts and move on, right?

Absolutely not.


DH2i is redefining database availability by putting the power back in the hands of IT pros like you.

High availability should be smart, and encompass far more capability than just a solution to combat unplanned outages. HA should be an all-inclusive approach for total optimization of your environment. It should keep downtime—including planned outages—as close to zero as possible, improve, not complicate the management experience for your team and it should never require compromising between cost and availability. That’s why DH2i has redefined high availability with DxEnterprise—the silver bullet for nearest-to-zero downtime, consolidation, cost savings and management simplicity.

Learn What High Availability Means to DH2i