Liberate Your Datacenter -
No Matter How It's Deployed

DH2i’s abstraction technology decouples Windows and Linux Server application instances, containers and file shares from the underlying OS and IT infrastructure. Our infrastructure-agnostic software means no more ecosystem lock-in and vastly reduced complexity. You can go from standalone to clustered in minutes, with a quick install. And our software often pays for itself at deployment. See how DxEnterprise can liberate your enterprise datacenter.

Any mix, any infrastructure.

Get top performance, availability, agility and cost savings on any mix of bare-metal, virtual or cloud.

Bare-Metal Deployment Model

Get both logical and physical consolidation with the fewest restrictions. Now you can stack database instances and containers, not machines. With our lightweight Vhost technology, stacking workloads doesn’t mean stacking operating systems (OSes). No more OS sprawl, no more hardware limitations, just high availability and disaster recovery.

  • True HA and DR
  • Elimination of OS/application standardization requirements
  • 8X to 15X reduction in OSes to manage
  • Up to 60% licensing savings


Virtual Deployment Model


Think you’ve already consolidated your SQL Server environment? See how much more you can do with DxEnterprise. Whether you’ve taken an unlimited virtualization approach, with all cores licensed for SQL Server Enterprise edition, or a per-VCPU approach (4-core minimum license per VM), with just an easy install, DxEnterprise can help you:

  • Save substantially on licensing costs
  • Reduce VM sprawl
  • Improve datacenter manageability

DxEnterprise can also pull an already-consolidated Docker environment into its advanced high availability framework and stateful containers can failover between hosts while all persistent data remains intact.

Hybrid Deployment Model

Get top performance, availability, cost and agility on any mix of bare-metal, virtual or cloud (public or private). DxEnterprise supports any infrastructure mix. You can maintain different disaster recovery (DR) and production environments to better allocate old and new hardware, or to use different hypervisors in each. By decoupling the application from the underlying infrastructure, we simplify troubleshooting and problem isolation. Achieve all the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure including:

  • Self healing framework for both health and performance
  • Easily burst to physical for heavy-demand workloads
  • Protection for application, OS and infrastructure faults, even most pilot errors



Cloud Deployment Model


You wouldn’t accept three-9s uptime on-premises for your business-critical applications—why accept it in the cloud? DxEnterprise gives you back the advantages of the cloud, with the same protection models as on-premises. Now you have real options. The agility provided by our lightweight Vhost technology promises the most cost-efficient deployment for both licensing and cloud metering. You get complete mobility for applications and their dependent data without having to pay for premium licenses like Enterprise Edition SQL Server—culminating in easy, cost-effective clustering in the cloud. Furthermore, DxE uses advanced tunneling technology for secure connectivity between the cloud, on-premises sites and remote locations. You get access to SDP-built Express Micro-Tunnels for secure multi-site and multi-cloud network communication. With DxE, you also get:

Choose your deployment model.
Get all the advantages.

  • Choose your approach: bare-metal, virtual or any mix; side-by-side, across town or in the cloud
  • Gain greater consolidation than you thought possible—even if you’ve already consolidated
  • Achieve high availability and near-zero downtime with an auto-healing framework for database workloads or containers and their dependencies—including data
  • Finally solve the patch/update/refresh problem with the closest-to-zero downtime for planned and unplanned outages through easy application mobility and fast restart
  • See up to 60% savings—on infrastructure and licensing costs
  • 6-click install with minimal prerequisites takes you from standalone to clustered in minutes—even in the cloud