New Product Demo

DxE + Rancher VM to Containers

Key Takeaways

Easy Deployment using Rancher

Rancher provides easy-to-use web interface

  • The deployment of a SQL Server Availability Group in Kubernetes is facilitated easily in only a few clicks using a Helm chart.
Unparalleled Clustering Flexibility

Manage Windows and Linux in same cluster

  • DxEnterprise allows native instances and containers to be managed together in the same cluster or AG.
No "Middleman" in the Datapath

DH2i matchmaking service never sees your data

  • DxEnterprise connects your nodes using highly available and secure zero trust network access tunnels.
Virtually Zero Downtime

Minimize planned and unplanned downtime

  • DxEnterprise delivers fully automatic database-level failover for SQL Server Availability Groups in Kubernetes.

Zero. Zed. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Bupkis.

Get nearer to zero.