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DxEnterprise - Virtual Machines to Containers

Key Takeaways

Container modernization unlocks a host of benefits for SQL Server environments.
Easy Deployment using Helm Charts

Leverage an easy-to-use web interface

  • The deployment of a SQL Server Availability Group in Kubernetes is facilitated easily in only a few clicks using a Helm chart.
SQL Server migration is easy with DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software.
Unparalleled Clustering Flexibility

Manage Windows and Linux in same cluster

  • DxEnterprise allows native instances and containers to be managed together in the same cluster or AG.
No "Middleman" in the Datapath

DH2i matchmaking service never sees your data

  • DxEnterprise connects your nodes using highly available and secure zero trust network access tunnels.
DxEnterprise unlocks unified management for SQL Server on Linux, Windows, and in containers.
Virtually Zero Downtime

Minimize planned and unplanned downtime

  • DxEnterprise delivers fully automatic database-level failover for SQL Server Availability Groups in Kubernetes.

Native. Containerized. Anywhere in Between.

DH2i gets you closer to zero downtime.