How DxOdyssey Works


DxOdyssey’s patented technology enables you to build micro-tunnels to securely connect remote users, on-premises sites and/or multi-cloud environments. Here’s how it operates at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and security risk of any other approach.


Install software and join gateways together

  • Install and activate the lightweight DxO application on each gateway wherever you want to configure your micro-tunnel(s). DxO can be installed in seconds on any Linux or Windows machine with an internet connection. Check out this short video to see how easy it is to install and configure a DxOdyssey gateway group.
  • Each machine securely joins the others using a time-limited, self-expiring one-time key. The gateways do not require DNS resolution to join together.
  • Nodes register via the internet with the DH2i matchmaking service to enable communication between them. No user data ever passes through the matchmaking service – it simply facilitates the handshake between the gateways. After the gateways are matched, they communicate directly with each other —ensuring the highest levels of security and performance.

Create tunnels and connect securely

  • On the gateway(s), create as many application tunnels as needed. These micro-tunnels do not open external ports whatsoever and make traditional VPNs unnecessary.
  • DxOdyssey’s patented technology implements reliable, stream-oriented tunnels over UDP. It makes use of a number of techniques similar to TCP, including retransmission, selective acknowledgments, and congestion control. Its use of UDP eliminates certain types of latency and makes connectivity more reliable and discreet.
  • Local users can then securely connect to the remote server / service / application by connecting to the local gateway port. DTLS encryption and public key authentication ensure security and privacy.
  • Remote users simply install a lightweight client, DxConnect, on their devices to connect to the secure tunnels their administrator has granted them access to.
  • IoT edge device users install the gateway software on one or more IoT edge devices, datacenter hosts and cloud hosts, and the gateways are then formed into groups that span any set of environments that need to be connected. Learn how DxOdyssey for IoT works.
  • The entire installation and configuration process can also be completed using the API and automated scripts. See an example of how to deploy DxOdyssey using automated scripts in this demo video.

See how easy it is to set up a secure tunnel with DxOdyssey