Eliminate VPN chaos with
Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA

DxOdyssey takes the complexity out of connecting applications behind and between NATs

Simplify your network infrastructure. Implement industry-leading security. DxOdyssey is a single solution to connect network assets, maximize performance and eliminate data breaches.

> Highly available, application-level access across multi-site, multi-cloud environments

> Software-defined perimeter to strengthen your Zero Trust architecture

> No more insecure VPN or direct link connections

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An integrated solution for network connectivity and zero trust security


zero trust network access tunnels

Are isolated networks, symmetric NATs, or remote IoT devices blocking access to your applications?

Is your VPN connection leaving your network open to cyberattack?

DxOdyssey is easy-to-integrate, easy-to-implement software that creates application-level micro-tunnels across any location, cloud, and platform. These micro-tunnel gateways give users direct access to the data paths they need — no more, no less — delivering both uninterrupted connectivity and unparalleled security.

Integrated software-defined perimeter technology

Securely connect your resources, from anywhere to anywhere

> Connect servers, IoT devices, applications, and users without public or private VPNs for maximum network security Zero Trust Network Access

  > ZNTA tunneling for scalable multi-site and multi-cloud deployments

> Enable privileged access with application-level control

Full Network Address Translation (NAT) coverage

Get up and running quickly using your existing network infrastructure

> Seamless NAT traversal (hole punching) regardless of NAT type: full cone NAT, restricted cone NAT, port restricted NAT, symmetric NAT

  > Supports Windows, Linux, any OS, any server, any cloud

> Easy installation and configuration: No network reconfiguration required, plus no appliances to deploy, configure, or maintain

High security and low latency

Enjoy reliable, secure connectivity with industry-best performance

> Cloaked and secure servers with no open ports to minimize network attack surfaces, and full data transit DTLS encryption for the highest levels of network data security

  > High availability ZNTA gateways for self-healing automatic fault detection and failover

> Patented hybrid TCP-UDP data transport for maximum throughput performance to eliminate cloud application bottlenecks

Stop losing sleep over network connectivity and security

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