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Build secure tunnels between users, sites, clouds, and devices

Remote User Access

Enable privileged access from anywhere with granular application-level control

Almost every organization has remote users and third parties who need to be able to connect to cloud or on-premises applications from wherever they are—the airport to the home office to the local coffee shop. Traditional VPNs for remote users rely upon complex, expensive, and less-than-secure network-to-network approaches.

With DxOdyssey, users simply install DxConnect, a lightweight client, on their devices to gain access to the secure tunnels their administrator has granted them access to. Unlike a VPN, these application-level tunnels provide remote users or groups of users with secure access to only privileged applications—instead of an entire slice of the network. Learn how DxConnect enables secure, remote access to DxOdyssey tunnels

Multi-Site & Multi-Cloud

Secure and simplify your infrastructure

Today’s organizations need to have their machines and applications interconnected whether they’re between multiple physical locations, a mix of clouds or a hybrid of both. Traditionally, setting up a VPN was the premier way to connect sites, but the cost and complexity of configuration is prohibitive and opens the system up to lateral network attacks.

DxOdyssey mitigates risk and simplifies connectivity to overcome these networking challenges. You can create highly available application-level micro-tunnels between users, sites and/or clouds. Setup and configuration are a breeze, and with our SQL Server availability groups integration, spanning an AG across sites and clouds couldn’t be easier.

Microservices & Containers

Build a secure service mesh across disparate networks

A growing number of applications are born in the cloud and are configured using lightweight infrastructure such as containers. These new types of application deployments often span isolated networks or consist of an interconnected service mesh. Deploying and securing the networking connectivity between these microservices throughout a complete DevOps lifecycle can be a significant challenge.

DxOdyssey enables developers to build encrypted micro-tunnels that span isolated networks to connect containers for a secure multi-cloud service mesh. This hides a significant amount of the security and networking complexity throughout the application lifecycle and adds a powerful solution to the DevOps toolchain.

IoT / Edge Computing

Unify and encrypt IoT communication

The technical deficiencies and vulnerabilities existing in today’s computer networks are being exacerbated by the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. The billions of smart devices that talk to each other (and to us) require network connectivity to do so. They must be connected securely to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to them and with the lowest latency to meet performance demands.

DxOdyssey for IoT, in combination with DxConnect, can help IoT architects build secure networks of devices by deploying granular micro-tunnels between the devices to allow for processing that occurs at the edge, as well as connectivity of the devices to central clouds.

DxOdyssey for IoT can be integrated with Microsoft Azure SQL Edge to achieve an end-to-end security solution for all IoT deployments. “When combining the native on-device capabilities of Azure SQL Edge with the dynamic tunneling technology of DH2i’s DxOdyssey for IoT, users are provided with the optimal end-to-end data security solution for all IoT deployments,said John “JG” Chirapurath, Vice President, Azure AI, Data and Edge at Microsoft Corp. Learn more about this combined solution in this whitepaper.

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