DxEnterprise for SQL Server AG in Kubernetes

Take the complexity out of SQL Server Kubernetes failover clustering

An all-in-one solution to maximize performance and minimize downtime, DxEnterprise is the only SQL Server clustering solution to deliver fully automatic failover of SQL Server AG in Kubernetes.

> Any server configuration, any cloud, any OS

> No need for Pacemaker or VPNs

> Fast failovers

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A Single Solution For Always On Availability Groups


zero trust network access tunnels

Are you struggling with Pacemaker clustering to deploy SQL Server Docker containers in Kubernetes?

We get it, and we’ve spent the past decade building a better way. DxEnterprise is smart high availability clustering software engineered specifically for SQL Server AG running in Kubernetes. Whether your server is on-site or in the cloud, DxEnterprise will transform your relationship with your SQL server database — less worrying and waiting, more action.

Smart high availability clustering

Manage all of your Windows and Linux SQL Server clusters from one pane of glass

> Combines failover cluster instances (FCI) and SQL Server AG for unified high availability and disaster recovery

> No more Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) or Pacemaker

> Fastest failover for SQL Server Availability Groups

Integrate software-defined perimeter

Build secure SQL Server clusters from anywhere to anywhere

> Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunneling for multi-site/multi-cloud environments

> Connect any server, any Docker container — without VPNs

> Close the failure gaps and eliminate lateral network attack surfaces

Kubernetes SQL Server AG support

Achieve the same SQL Server AG performance for Kubernetes deployments

> Fully automatic failover across multi-subnet, availability zones and regions without VPNs or open ports

> Works with all on-premises and cloud Kubernetes services (Azure, AWS, etc.)

> Deploy Kubernetes clusters across availability zones and regions

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