DxEnterprise: Smart Availability Software

DxEnterprise is multi-platform Smart Availability software built on patented technology for Windows Server, Linux and Docker. It can be used to manage a variety of workloads at the instance level—as well as Docker containers. DxEnterprise (DxE) is particularly optimized for native or containerized Microsoft SQL Server deployments on any platform. It is also adept at management of Oracle on Windows. In addition to Windows file shares and services, DxE supports any Docker container on Windows or Linux, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and other relational database management systems. DxE integrates seamlessly with Azure shared disks, enabling optimal high availability for clustered SQL Server instances in the cloud. Additionally, DxE optimizes SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery by enabling organizations to combine local high availability (HA) and Availability Groups (AGs) for remote data protection using Extended Vhosts and advanced Express Micro-Tunnel technology. Management is intuitive and flexible, using our graphical user interface, Windows PowerShell or DxMobi, our mobile app for Android or iOS smartphones.

DxE leverages standalone instances for fewer requirements and greater clustering flexibility. It decouples application workloads, file shares, services and Docker containers from the underlying infrastructure without requiring standardization of the entire database environment on one version/edition of operating system and database. This enables complete instance mobility from any host, to any host, anywhere with just an application or container stop and restart—all while DxE intelligently ensures workloads come up at best execution venues. The DxE Smart Availability framework unlocks 5 key benefits in most deployments:

  • Instance-level high availability
  • Huge cost savings
  • Peak utilization and consolidation
  • Near-zero planned and unplanned downtime
  • Management simplicity


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Virtual Machine Images are available in AWS and Azure for both Windows and Linux for quick and easy deployments of DxE. DxE is also available as a VM extension in Azure for both Windows and Linux, enabling Azure customers to easily add DxE software to their VMs in just 1 command.

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DxEnterprise for Availability Groups DxEnterprise on RHEL 7.7
DxEnterprise BYOL DxEnterprise on Ubuntu 18.04
DxEnterprise Extension DxEnterprise on Windows 2019