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Building a SQL Server Availability Group (AG) in Kubernetes

Your guide to using SQL Server Linux and SQL Server containers in Azure Kubernetes to support high availability and disaster recovery.


In this guide, you’ll learn:

How to build and deploy an enhanced SQL Server clustering environment with DxEnterprise smart high availability software.

  • Create a DxEnterprise + SQL Server container image
  • Push the image to a repository
  • Deploy and configure an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster and a StatefulSet using the combined image
  • Use DxEnterprise to create and configure the AG

What is SQL Server AG in Kubernetes?

Software containers are key to digital production, and advanced DX projects require stateful containers — often thousands of them — that meet tier 1 service-level agreements for high availability and disaster recovery (HADR). DevOps, Database Architects, and others can easily create a SQL Server AG that uses the enhanced SQL Server clustering capabilities of DxEnterprise with SQL Server containers and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) — delivering industry-leading HADR with fully automatic failover across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.