New Product Demo

Rancher + Helm Availability Groups

Key Takeaways

Container modernization unlocks a host of benefits for SQL Server environments.
Easiest Highly Available Container Deployment Ever

Deploy SQL Server AG in Kubernetes with a Helm chart

  • This demo uses the Rancher by SUSE web interface and a Helm chart to deploy our SQL Server AG in Kubernetes with only a few clicks.
SQL Server migration is easy with DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software.
Virtually Zero-Downtime Container Deployments

DxEnterprise HA improves drastically on pod-level failover

  • When the primary pod in our Kubernetes cluster is deleted, the SQL Server workload automatically fails over to a secondary pod with minimal interruption.
Secure and Performant Application-Level Connectivity

Built-in software-defined perimeter technology to keep your data assets safe

  • DxEnterprise integrates built-in application-level ZTNA tunnels for maximum data security, with no “middleman” in the datapath.
DxEnterprise unlocks unified management for SQL Server on Linux, Windows, and in containers.
The Industry’s Only Sidecar Container for AGs in Kubernetes

Eliminate custom image headaches and support complications

  • This demo shows a Kubernetes cluster with two isolated container images in each pod, one for SQL Server, and one for DxEnterprise.

Native. Containerized. Anywhere in Between.

DH2i gets you closer to zero downtime.