New Product Demo

Rancher + Helm Availability Groups

Key Takeaways

Easiest Highly Available Container Deployment Ever

Deploy SQL Server AG in Kubernetes with a Helm chart

  • This demo uses the Rancher by SUSE web interface and a Helm chart to deploy our SQL Server AG in Kubernetes with only a few clicks.
Virtually Zero-Downtime Container Deployments

DxEnterprise HA improves drastically on pod-level failover

  • When the primary pod in our Kubernetes cluster is deleted, the SQL Server workload automatically fails over to a secondary pod with minimal interruption.
Secure and Performant Application-Level Connectivity

Built-in software-defined perimeter technology to keep your data assets safe

  • DxEnterprise integrates built-in application-level ZTNA tunnels for maximum data security, with no “middleman” in the datapath.
The Industry’s Only Sidecar Container for AGs in Kubernetes

Eliminate custom image headaches and support complications

  • This demo shows a Kubernetes cluster with two isolated container images in each pod, one for SQL Server, and one for DxEnterprise.

Zero. Zed. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Bupkis.

Get nearer to zero.