Case Study

DH2i Helps Linn County Sheriff's Office Minimize Planned and Unplanned Downtime

A Solution for Lowering Costs and Downtime

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) IT department struggled significantly with minimizing downtime in its SQL Server environment—enduring as much as 30-40 hours of downtime per year due to its outdated failover technology. Seeing as many of the services LCSO provides can truly be considered life-critical (emergency, dispatch, etc.), a much higher performance failover solution was essential to ensure an acceptable level of service to its community.

Learn how Linn County Sheriff's office reduced planned and unplanned downtime with DH2i's DxEnterprise high availability software.

Main Challenges

With a stated mission to serve and protect the persons and property throughout the county it serves, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office is steadfast in its determination to minimize the risk of system downtime. Their 24 x 7 environment leveraged a number of older “green screen” public-service applications based on IBM System i. The aging applications were time consuming and challenging to manage with a limited staff of just three people who support more than 200 internal users and as many as 300 external users.

Aging Applications
Growing Licensing Costs
Limited Staff Support

Solution and Results

DH2i’s software held the keys to the workload and data portability Linn County Sheriff’s Office needed to assure high availability for their SQL Server instances, application services, and the Superion Public Safety application itself. DH2i’s Smart Availability software creates a framework for orchestrating datacenter management, high availability/ disaster tolerance and policy-based SLA management.

In addition, intelligent automation ensures that workloads always run at their best execution venues for total optimization of the environment. DxEnterprise uses shared or replicated storage technology to coordinate access to a pool of disk resources in the cluster, for consistent disk presentation no matter which host the managed instance is active on. In addition, DxEnterprise can support any current version or edition of SQL Server and OS across any bare-metal, virtual or hybrid infrastructure— Windows or Linux platform.

With DxEnterprise we can manage the SQL Server instances and keep a single volume per instance that moves with the instance,” said Jeffers. This allows us to achieve peak availability for our SQL Server instances— while also maintaining HA for the file shares and services essential to full service delivery of the Public Service applications.”

Carry Jeffers
Computer Resource Specialist
Linn County Sheriff’s Office

Benefits of DxEnterprise


Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in SQL Server licensing costs


Alleviated management stress with intelligent automation to keep workloads running at their best execution venues

Industry-leading failover performance and fully automatic failover for SQL Server in Kubernetes

Reduced system downtime from 30-40 hours per year to less than an hour, and enabled 18-second failover for core applications


Ensured high availability for file shares and services essential to full service delivery of Public Service applications

Zero. Zed. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Nix.

Get nearer to zero.