How to Configure DxE Availability Groups (AG) on Google Kubernetes Engine – with Sandeep Arora

Ever wondered how to set up a highly available Always On availability group between containers on top of the Google Kubernetes Engine platform?

Well, cloud architect Sandeep Arora has you covered. In his recent September 19th blog entry, Sandeep wrote a highly detailed, easy-to-follow guide walking you through how to do just that. It has everything from infrastructure design diagrams to pre-requisites lists, code snippets, and example YAML files. This is a fantastic tutorial for anyone wanting to deploy SQL Server Always On availability groups on top of Google Kubernetes Engine.

Check out the tutorial here:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on DxEnterprise, and get in touch with Sandeep for any other help with architecture or the GKE platform itself.