SQL Server Clustering—Now Optimized for Containers

Deployment of containers for Microsoft SQL Server is soaring. Now IT admins can finally get robust clustering for SQL Server in containers.

SQL Server Clustering for Containers

Software Defined Perimeter Network Security: DxOdyssey


  • Strengthen your Zero Trust architecture
  • Eliminate lateral network attacks
  • Data flows direct over discreet tunnels

See How to Enable Zero Trust Architecture

Failover Clustering for Smarter High Availability: DxEnterprise
  • Simple, robust high availability
  • Clustering for SQL Server and other apps
  • Availability group clusters without WSFC / Pacemaker

Single Solution for Always on AG

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Screenshot of DxEnterprise software management console and features

Azure Webinar:


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Now more than ever, organizations are looking for easier ways to ensure business resilience in times of uncertainty. In this Microsoft Azure webinar, you’ll learn how to make the most of your free Microsoft SQL Server licenses and unlock hybrid disaster recovery with our SDP-enhanced clustering software, DxEnterprise.Unlock Free SQL Server Licenses and Hybrid DR

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Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager of SQL Server, Amit Khandelwal, and DH2i detail and demo the easiest method to deploy SQL Server Always-On Availability Groups (AG) in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Learn How to Easily Deploy SQL Server AG in AKS

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