Always-Secure, Always-On

High Availability Clustering and Zero Trust Security

Our container-ready software unlocks zero downtime, and low-latency Zero Trust Network Access for your most mission-critical workloads.

Want to deploy SQL Server in Kubernetes?

We provide the industry’s only sidecar deployment and automatic failover for SQL Server AG in Kubernetes

Frustrated with your virtual private network?

We can help you eliminate VPN chaos with Software-Defined Perimeter

Need to build a multi-cloud architecture?

We can help you connect your servers, storage, IoT devices from anywhere, to anywhere

Have to deploy SQL Server on Linux?

We make it easy for you to cluster all your SQL Server one way, the same way

Push Downtime and Security Holes to Zero

For systems architects and IT executives alike, zero is the ultimate hero.

The elusive, the unattainable, the beautiful. Zero. Zero downtime. Zero security holes. Zero wasted resources. But how close to zero can we get? At DH2i, that question drives everything we do.

We’ve built smart high availability clustering and software-defined perimeter technology that enables always-secure, always-on IT infrastructure. A Zero downtime, Zero Trust architecture that lets you securely connect and failover enterprise applications — from anywhere, to anywhere.

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Our Call to Action is Simple

Download a full-feature developer edition and see where it takes you. That’s because the value of DH2i really comes to life when you hop in the driver seat. Unparalleled ease of deployment on any mix of physical, virtual, cloud or containerized infrastructure, and ultra-simplified management is best experienced firsthand.

Zero trial cost. Zero strings attached.

sql server clustering software

Top Features

Smart HA clustering
For any application, any OS, any server configuration, any cloud
Let’s you connect and failover enterprise applications securely — from anywhere to anywhere.
Zero Trust Network Access
Tunneling to connect any server, any container, any IoT device, without VPNs

Free to Run

Systems architects and IT executives are always hustling and all-too-often stuck in the status-quo, bound by bloated system architecture — because the pain of migrating is worse than the pain of staying put.

At DH2i, we’re here to free you from gnarly networks and leaden licenses. We know when you’re free to run, you’re bound to win. Win the trust of your team. Reap the ROI. Zone in on the Zen of zero downtime.

You’re free to run the show the way you know it should go. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Download a full-feature developer edition. It’s free to run and so are you.

Industry Awards

How close to Zero can we get? At DH2i, that question drives everything we do.

We’ve received numerous awards commending our pursuit of the beautiful Zero. Product evaluators the world over have recognized our patented clustering and software-defined perimeter software for helping solve the challenge of Zero downtime and Zero trust architecture in virtualized and cloud environments.

Industry Partnership

DH2i partners with like-minded industry leaders so you can easily deploy our clustering and software-defined perimeter software to maximize performance — without fear of downtime or data loss on any operating system, any cloud or any server configuration.

Check out this webinar with our technology partner, Microsoft.

Join Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal and DH2i as they provide insight on the best approach to deploy  HA SQL Server containers.

Zero. Zed. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Nix.

Get nearer to zero.