A Message from Our CEO: Free Access to DxOdyssey Effective Immediately

The DH2i team has decided to provide our DxOdyssey software, totally free-of-charge, to any organizations that need it to access work computers from home and ensure the safety of their teams during these trying times.

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What Our SDP Software Gives You

Unparalleled networking security

Strengthens your Zero Trust architecture by permitting users to access only authorized apps, not a slice of the network—eliminating the ability for any lateral movement. Data flows directly between remote users, sites and clouds using application-level DTLS encrypted micro-tunnels and Public Key Authentication.

Configuration and management simplicity

Simply install and connect within seconds. This lightweight software integrates into any existing networking infrastructure without appliances or VPNs to install, configure, or maintain, meaning no ACL or firewall configuration headaches.

Highest levels of performance

Tunnels can be configured between gateways on any commodity hardware. Remote users can install DxConnect, a lightweight app, to access tunnels from anywhere. Tunnels can also be made redundant and highly available with built-in failover all without requiring DNS resolution. DxOdyssey can even integrate with applications such as SQL Server Availability Groups.


What Our Smart Availability Technology Gives You

Workload portability 

Our lightweight Vhosts decouple enterprise applications and stateful Docker containers from the underlying IT infrastructure. Smart Availability provides workload portability from any host, to any host, anywhere—with total assurance that your workloads will be intelligently allocated to optimize cluster resources.


Simple-to-implement HA & DR

You can go from standalone to clustered in minutes, and get all the advantages of intelligent, self-healing high availability and disaster resilience with multi-subnet failover. Managing SQL Server Availability Groups is simple too, with no need for WSFC or Pacemaker.


Closest-to-zero downtime 

You get under 60-second RTO (planned or unplanned) and protection from infrastructure, OS and application faults—even pilot error. The result? Unprecedented SLA assurance with application-based QoS.

How Our Software Works


Our patented SDP tunneling software connects remote users, on-premises sites and/or multi-cloud environments with application-level micro-tunnels to support a Zero Trust architecture

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Our patented Vhost technology decouples applications and containers from the OS/IT infrastructure while providing a persistent and consistent view to your data

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