DH2i Containers as a Service for SQL Server

Reduce Cost and Increase Availability



You’re at a critical point in your business growth… you want to reduce costs and improve application availability without maintaining more infrastructure.

That’s why you’ve finally decided to deploy your SQL Server systems in the cloud. After all, cloud computing lets you pay for what you need only when you need it. But what’s the best way to do it?

DH2i’s Containers as a Service (CaaS) for SQL Server is the solution. With DH2i CaaS for SQL Server you can deploy new and existing SQL Server workloads to the cloud at 50% the cost of standard cloud offerings. You’ll even get built-in high availability and easier manageability—all without hiring more IT staff.

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Flexibility and Portability for SQL Server Cloud Users

CaaS uses DH2i’s unique, “logical container” technology to encapsulate each instance of SQL Server and make it mobile. With CaaS, you can safely stack up to 50 containerized SQL Server instances on a single licensed virtual machine (VM).

Get intelligent, automated HA: Built-in high availability and fewer licensed VMs means increased uptime and decreased monthly costs.

Don’t be forced to make performance compromises: Get total control over performance. Unlike a standard SQL Server instance in the cloud that’s “hardcoded” to a VM, a containerized SQL Server instance is mobile. It can be moved in seconds from one VM to another without changing the application connection endpoint.

Set Quality of Service (QoS) controls for SLA assurance: DH2i’s CaaS monitors the health and performance of every workload. You can set up policies for various Quality of Service metrics on managed applications. If the criteria are met, actions are taken—ranging from a simple email alert to fully automated, prioritized load balancing. This can be used to balance the workload performance so no SQL Server instance gets overtaxed.

Focus on value-added activities, not infrastructure: Let someone else manage your infrastructure. CaaS runs in DH2i’s private cloud, securely managed by Rackspace—one of the world’s leading providers of managed infrastructure for the cloud.

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What Do You Get for $495/month?

When you buy the $495/month DH2i CaaS Starter Kit, you get:

  • Five containers, one per SQL Server instance
  • Two-node virtual pod (allows the two nodes to balance the workload between them)
    • 16 GB RAM per node
    • 4 vCPU per node
    • 60 GB Boot Disk per node
    • 40 GB SAN Data Disk per container
  • 24x7x365 managed service

You can also purchase these add-ons:

  • $99 per additional Container
  • $149 per 16GB RAM
  • $0.60/GB SAN Storage
  • $249 per additional node


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