High Availability for SQL Server Availability Groups without WSFC or Pacemaker

DH2i’s new DxAG software makes it ridiculously easy to set up and manage Availability Groups—even across mixed Windows and Linux platforms

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What Our Smart Availability Technology Gives You

Workload portability 

Our lightweight Vhosts decouple enterprise applications and stateful Docker containers from the underlying IT infrastructure. Smart Availability provides workload portability from any host, to any host, anywhere—with total assurance that your workloads will be intelligently allocated to optimize cluster resources.

Simple-to-implement HA & DR

You can go from standalone to clustered in minutes, and get all the advantages of intelligent, self-healing high availability and disaster resilience with multi-subnet failover.

Closest-to-zero downtime 

You get under 60-second RTO (planned or unplanned) and protection from infrastructure, OS and application faults—even pilot error. The result? Unprecedented SLA assurance with application-based QoS.

Accelerate IT Innovation with Unmatched Agility

Demand freedom for your data—not just the application! Our Vhost technology decouples applications and containers from the OS/IT infrastructure while providing a persistent and consistent view to your data—even for stateful containers.


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Now You Can Have your HA and DR too

The issue is, implementing reliable DR can often require a separate solution entirely. And if it doesn’t, configuration and costs of extending HA to DR can be overwhelming. Plus, do you really want to add to the management complexity of your existing environment?

DH2i’s Smart Availability solutions have upended this paradigm, enabling you to “have your HA and DR too.” Join DH2i’s Connor Cox on Wednesday, October 24th at 11am PT for a webinar to learn about how you can get both high availability and multi-subnet disaster recovery for your database instances from a single tool.

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See How These Datacenters Were Transformed
with a Simple Software Deployment

Datacenter as competitive advantage in eat-or-be-eaten market. DxEnterprise gives this health system the highest availability and agility, with near-zero downtime for critical applications. Asante can focus on business-enhancing initiatives and apply savings to its patients’ needs.



Sell mission-critical software to 4,000 lawyers? No worries. With DH2i, one of the world’s largest corporate law firms easily exceeds 99.9% SLAs on all SQL Server instances. All that and disaster recovery failover across two datacenters for the firm’s 40 million documents.


Our software is:

Ready for Deployment on:

Any mix of OSes—Windows Server 2008R2+, Ubuntu 16+, CentOS 7+ and RHEL 7+

Optimized for SQL Server and Other Databases

DxEnterprise software is optimized for Microsoft SQL Server and other stateful database environments. It brings transformational benefits in high availability, cost reduction and operational efficiency to environments containing SQL Server and Oracle on Windows—as well as containerized RDBMS instances of SQL Server Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and others.



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