Recorded Webinar

Unlock Fast and Secure Container Deployment with the SQL Server Operator for K8s

Featuring Microsoft, SUSE, & DH2i

Aired on May 16th at 11am EDT

Take the easiest and most secure path to highly available Microsoft SQL Server on Kubernetes by leveraging DxOperator by DH2i and Rancher Prime by SUSE.   

Developed in close collaboration with the Microsoft SQL Server team, DxOperator by DH2i automates the creation of SQL Server Availability Groups in Kubernetes to maximize deployment speed and enable unparalleled cluster customization. Together with Rancher Prime by SUSE, this solution provides the industry’s lowest downtime for SQL Server Kubernetes deployments, and an efficient and administrator-friendly management experience.   

When deployed in Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service, customers gain the security of a jointly validated, enterprise solution with peak flexibility and scalability, vastly improved resilience, and optimal resource utilization for huge potential cost savings.  

View this webinar to

  • Hear from members of the Microsoft SQL Server team, SUSE, and DH2i on the benefits customers are seeing from their migrations to containers 
  • Understand actionable steps your organization can safely take to start modernizing your SQL Server environment with containers 
  • View a video demonstration of a SQL Server deployment in AKS completed in just a few minutes, plus exclusive HA capabilities like automatic failover for SQL Server AGs in K8s 
Learn how DH2i's SQL Server Operator for Kubernetes and Rancher Prime make your path to AKS easy and secure.

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Our Featured Speakers

Learn more about the Microsoft, SUSE, and DH2i speakers joining us for this presentation by clicking the plus signs. Together they have decades of experience in SQL Server and the greater information technology industry.

Amit Khandelwal
Principal Product Manager - SQL Server, Microsoft
Amit Khandelwal, Principal Product Manager - SQL Server, Microsoft

Amit Khandelwal is a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, leading the technical strategy for SQL Server on Linux and container platform. With over a decade of database experience, I’ve worked across support, field, and engineering teams. I’ve designed SQL Server based data platforms for Tier 1 customers across diverse business segments focussing on scalability, agility, and security.

Terry Smith
Global Alliances Solutions Director, SUSE
Terry Smith, Global Alliances Solutions Director, SUSE

Terry Smith brings decades of experience and enthusiasm for open source and creative collaboration to bring organizations together to define, build, and take to market technical solutions that help customers address real-world challenges.

OJ Ngo
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DH2i
OJ Ngo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DH2i

Thanh “OJ” Ngo is a co-founder of DH2i Company and is the principal architect for its core technology. OJ is a veteran technologist with over twenty years of experience in software design and development. Prior to DH2i, OJ was a software architect for Hewlett-Packard working on Windows software solutions. OJ was a software architect at PolyServe Inc., where he was responsible for the design of the Solution Pack for Microsoft SQL Server. OJ was a Microsoft SQL Server MVP 2002-2008.

OJ earned his degree in chemical engineering from Oregon State University.

What You'll Learn About In This Webinar
  • The benefits organizations have been seeing from their migration to SQL Server containers
  • Approachable ways to overcome Kubernetes complexity and get started with SQL Server at your own organization
  • How the preferred SQL Server Operator for K8s, DxOperator by DH2i, and Rancher Prime make SQL Server AKS deployments easier and more secure than ever
An Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster as viewed in DxAdmin.