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Always-Secure, Always-On: The DH2i Difference

Leading failover and networking performance, easy deployment on any mix of infrastructure, full integration with containers and an unwavering commitment to management simplicity.

Why Choose DH2i Over Anyone Else?

Our customers achieve zero downtime and maximum network security for enterprise applications like Microsoft® SQL Server, whether it’s running on Windows, Linux or in containers.

The results of our commitment to customer-focused software development are innovations like:


Groundbreaking technology to enable unified high availability and cross-platform failover after the dawning of SQL Server on Linux


Helm Charts and container sidecar deployment for DxEnterprise – The easiest path to highly available SQL Server AGs in Kubernetes


The only clustering solution in existence that enables fully automatic database-level failover of SQL Server Availability Groups in Kubernetes — pushing downtime to zero

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UPS is using DxEnterprise to ensure nearest-to-zero downtime for SQL Server database environments.
JP Morgan Chase is using DxEnterprise in the financial services industry to ensure uptime in its critical SQL Server environments.
Tetra Pak is using DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software in the packaging industry to ensure high availability.

DH2i’s DxEnterprise offers application-level HA which seeks to reduce the time and cost for such solutions.

Gary Chen Research Manager, Software Defined Compute, IDC

The major changes being driven by advancements such as IoT, edge computing, mobile, and cloud are creating conflicting demands for secure connectivity. The traditional ‘Castle & Moat VPN drawbridge’ security model was not designed to meet those demands.

Eric Hanselman Chief Analyst, 451 Research

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Multi-platform smart high availability clustering software

  • Minimize planned and unplanned downtime for Microsoft SQL Server deployments
  • Get fully automatic failover for SQL Server availability groups and Docker containers in Kubernetes
  • Complete modernization/patching at the speed of an application stop-start


Software-defined perimeter network security

  • Use Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunnels to eliminate lateral network attacks
  • Ensure uninterrupted access for data flows and integrate into any application using any OS
  • Leverage patented hybrid TCP/UDP data transport for maximum performance

DxAdvantage Technology Partners

We’ve partnered with the industry’s key players so that we can create lightweight, flexible software solutions that can be easily layered over the top of any operating system, cloud or server configuration. These industry partnerships ensure that our software solutions allow customers to enjoy maximum performance, zero downtime and zero data loss.

Collaborative innovation with Suse and Red Hat has enabled the development of the only solution in existence for deploying highly available SQL Server containers in Availability Groups on Rancher and OpenShift.

Globally Trusted in Diverse Industries

Our container-ready smart high availability and software-defined perimeter technology is deployed globally.

Our lightweight software supports any mix of existing infrastructure, allowing our customers to maximize their unique industry advantages. Our HA clustering and zero trust security solutions are used in:

Natural Resources
Financial Services