Easily Modernize Your SQL Server Environment with Instances and Containers

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Minimize planned and unplanned downtime for Microsoft SQL Server deployments


Get fully automatic failover for SQL Server availability groups and Docker containers in Kubernetes


Use Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) tunnels to eliminate lateral network attacks


Ensure uninterrupted access for data flows and integrate into any application using any OS

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DxEnterprise Software Features

Our lightweight software easily layers on top of any existing infrastructure and gives your environment capabilities like:

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  • Fully automatic failover for SQL Server containers in Availability Groups
  • Unified management for all SQL Server versions/editions on any platform
  • Modernization and patching at the speed of an application stop-start
  • Zero trust network access connections from anywhere, to anywhere
  • Create stretch clusters for multi-subnet disaster recovery

The major changes being driven by advancements such as IoT, edge computing, mobile, and cloud are creating conflicting demands for secure connectivity. The traditional ‘Castle & Moat VPN drawbridge’ security model was not designed to meet those demands. And, while a wholesale rip-and-replace is certainly not recommended, enhancing legacy technology (e.g., VPNs) with an advanced Software-Defined Perimeter approach like that of DH2i’s DxConnect, would be a smart strategy to fortify and unify your organization’s connectivity security.

Eric Hanselman Chief Analyst, 451 Research

Failure is not an option in today’s enterprise IT environment. Consequently, enterprise IT has become hyper-vigilant in deploying technology and procedures that work to ensure individual servers are highly available, but these solutions can be complex and costly. DH2i’s DxEnterprise offers application-level HA which seeks to reduce the time and cost for such solutions.

Gary Chen Research Manager, Software Defined Compute, IDC