DH2i releases DxOperator for deploying SQL Server containers on Kubernetes

DH2i recently unveiled a new technology called DxOperator as an included feature in the latest iteration of its Smart High Availability Clustering software, DxEnterprise v23.

DxOperator was developed in close collaboration with the Microsoft SQL Server team and helps IT pros simplify and improve the deployment process of SQL Server in Kubernetes, making  it easier and more customizable than ever before.

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DH2i DxOperator Redefining SQL Server Containers for Kubernetes

Krista Macomber and Paul Nashawaty from The Futurum Group provide their thoughts on DH2i’s recent DxOperator announcement, a new technology for simplifying the deployment and customization of SQL Server Kubernetes deployments.

This article examines the implications of adding the DxOperator feature to DH2i’s existing DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software and how it can help organizations pursuing SQL Server in containers.

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DH2i Adds Operator to Simplify SQL Server High Availability on Kubernetes

Check out this article written by Mike Vizard on DH2i’s new DxOperator tool for simplifying highly available SQL Server Kubernetes deployments.

Vizard gives his thoughts on the new technology and talks about the current state of the industry when it comes to deploying stateful applications in Kubernetes.

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DH2i: Bringing High Availability to Microsoft SQL Server on Kubernetes

Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx took the time to do a quick write-up on DH2i’s newest innovation, DxOperator for SQL Server Kubernetes deployments.

Bloomberg talks about how DH2i has expanded the focus of its DxEnterprise Smart High Availability Clustering software from hybrid IT environments to now provide peak HA and ZTNA tunneling security for SQL Server Kubernetes deployments as well.



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DH2i Unveils DxOperator: A Major Step Forward for Kubernetes and SQL Server Integration

BNN authored an article surrounding the release of DxOperator and its ability to simplify SQL Server deployments in Kubernetes.

This article touches on the growing significance of operators in the industry as a whole and touches on the high availability and built-in network security benefits that this new DH2i technology brings to the table.


Always on Availability Groups for SQL Server containers on Kubernetes – The DH2i’s DxOperator way!!

Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager of SQL Server, Amit Khandelwal, wrote a followup blog and tutorial from the session he presented alongside our CTO/Co-Founder, OJ Ngo, at this year’s PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle.

Their session was titled, “Containerize with Ease with Cross-Platform SQL Server AGs,” and along with building out a cross-environment Availability Group like you’ve never seen before, the duo introduced DH2i’s new DxOperator technology for the first time. Learn more in Amit’s full article.

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