Streamline SQL Server Availability Group Deployments and Management with DxAG

by Jeremy Kadlec, SQL Server Consultant, Edgewood Solutions & Co-Founder,

“I really see the value in SQL Server Availability Groups in terms of simple data replication, read-only secondaries, etc.  The problem is that I need to manage Windows and Linux clusters across my organization, so my team not only needs to know SQL Server but also numerous versions of Windows and Linux.  We are also looking into options where our business can get value from the public cloud for short term needs, for testing and for particular applications.  I cannot put my team in a situation where they need to be experts on each server, I need to make sure everyone on my team is able to confidently manage all of the servers if they are on-call, a team member is on vacation or we are bogged down with new initiatives.  How can I simplify the management of my SQL Server Availability Groups?”