DH2i DxEnterprise & Microsoft SQL Server

A Hands-On Review of New Software for High Availability & Multi-Subnet Disaster Recovery

by Denny Cherry, SQL Server MVP & Founding Consultant, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

“In this whitepaper, I’ll review how to use DxEnterprise to create simple-to-manage, simple-to-deploy, high availability and disaster recovery solutions. In the process, I will show how it supports datacenter orchestration, letting you quickly and easily migrate SQL Server instances from one hardware platform to another with little downtime, while upgrading the operating system (OS), SQL Server, or server infrastructure. DxEnterprise can also be used to balance workloads of multiple SQL Server instances across hardware resources, either automatically or manually. Overall, based on what I’ve seen, I expect that DxEnterprise can significantly help with datacenter costs and uptime…”