Unparalleled networking security

Strengthen your Zero Trust architecture by permitting users to access only authorized apps, not a slice of the network—eliminating the ability for any lateral movement. Data flows directly between users, sites, and clouds using application-level DTLS encrypted micro-tunnels and Public Key Authentication. DxOdyssey utilizes randomly generated non-standard UDP ports, making the tunnels and servers untrackable and invisible to port scanners and other hacking tools. Learn more about how our micro-tunneling technology works.

Configuration and management simplicity

Simply install and connect. The software integrates into any existing networking infrastructure. With no appliances to install, configure, or maintain, you get a vastly simplified deployment with no ACLs or firewall configuration headaches. Remote users can easily connect to their tunnels from wherever they are using DxConnect. Watch this video to see how easy it is to manage remote users.

Cost avoidance

Traditional networking tools for multi-site connectivity can be complex and expensive to maintain—especially for the cloud. Since DxOdyssey is an unVPN solution, it does not require dedicated VPN appliances, and for cloud connectivity there is no requirement to pay cloud vendors an hourly VPN fee to allow clients to connect. Costly direct links and VPNs can be phased out for even more savings. Learn why the new perimeter requires a new approach.

Highest performance

With no intermediate brokers, tunnels are direct—resulting in superior performance. Gateways can be configured on any commodity hardware allowing the user to add or remove resources to meet optimal speeds. DxConnect allows users to connect from anywhere. Tunnels can also be made redundant and highly available with built-in failovers all without requiring DNS resolution. DxOdyssey can even integrate with applications such as SQL Server availability groups with an additional plugin. Check out this video to see how the availability groups integration works.