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451 Research and DH2i Present: How to Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Networking

Join 451 Research’s Chief Analyst, Eric Hanselman, and DH2i’s Connor Cox as they help you shape your networking approach for the new cloud paradigm—turning your hybrid cloud aspirations into tangible plans. They’ll examine the obstacles that are impeding cloud transformation, with a focus on one often-overlooked challenge: secure networking for the cloud.

Secure Networking for the Cloud – Without a VPN

Using a new approach, you can configure your cloud networking for the most secure, highly performant connectivity to whatever you decide to spin up in the cloud. The best part is, there is no clunky VPN to configure or pay for. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to use this approach to lock down your cloud networking for good.

Now You Can Have Your HA and DR Too

Watch now to learn about how you can get both high availability and multi-subnet disaster recovery for your database instances from a single tool without the cost and complexity of conventional solutions.

Learn How to Cluster SQL Server without WSFC

Watch this webinar to learn about DxEnterprise, an alternative approach to clustering. This new approach provides advanced SQL Server clustering without the complexities and limitations of WSFC.

The Non-Violent Approach to SQL Server Consolidation and Cost Savings

Check out this webinar for a short introduction to DH2i’s DxEnterprise software and how it can be used to achieve significant SQL Server consolidation and cost savings. It won’t take you long to understand exactly why organizations from the federal government to the Global 500 have deployed DxEnterprise Smart Availability.