At surface level, SQL Server on Linux sounds like an IT pro’s paradise. Organizations would like to adopt this technology for its ease of deployment and fit into automated build processes. However, there are some major roadblocks dissuading the industry from mass adoption: Configuring high availability and disaster recovery and doing so across sites and clouds.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to mitigate the configuration challenges and normal headaches associated with traditional clustering solutions. SQL Server visionary Joey D’Antoni will show you how to use DH2i machine images to easily deploy highly available SQL Server on Linux into AWS—including across disparate sites, zones and regions.


About Joey D’Antoni


Joseph D’Antoni is an Architect and SQL Server MVP with over a decade of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is currently Principal Consultant for Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting. He holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State University. He is a frequent speaker at PASS Summit, Microsoft Ignite, Code Camps, and SQL Saturday events.


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