Microsoft Channel 9 Deep Dive: Secure IoT Deployments with Azure SQL Edge & DxOdyssey

The explosion of data and devices at the edge has changed the way we collect and analyze data – and how we think about security. In this webinar, you will learn about the data security provided by Azure SQL Edge when combined with our DxOdyssey software. DH2i CTO OJ Ngo joined Microsoft Program Manager Vasiya Krishnan to discuss the common vulnerabilities and issues that arise with edge deployments and showed how pairing on-device capabilities with dynamic tunneling can offer end-to-end data security.


Azure SQL Edge:

•  Azure SQL Edge:
 Azure SQL Edge Module on Marketplace
Azure SQL Edge data sheet

DxOdyssey for IoT:
•  DxOdyssey Whitepaper
•  DxO IoT Edge Module
•  One-pager on Azure SQL Edge and DH2i DxOdyssey


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