Unfortunately, the ongoing threat of COVID-19 is far from over. Organizations can’t afford to hold out until the other side of the pandemic. They need to proactively implement changes now to protect their employees and company assets.

Most organizations have made the shift to a WFH (work from home) framework for their teams to safely weather the pandemic. However, sustaining this massive scale of remote connections leaves sensitive company assets more vulnerable than ever before and outdated solutions like VPNs can open up the entirety of the network to attack.

To help organizations achieve a higher level of security without the burden of added costs during these trying times, DH2i is offering its DxOdyssey Software Defined Perimeter software free of charge until at least December 31, 2020.

So, if your organization wants to enhance your approach to network security or avoid the cost-prohibitive nature of other WFH software options, watch our on-demand webinar. DH2i’s Connor Cox will lead a brief presentation and live demo of DxOdyssey Software to show you how this technology:

  • Safely connects you and your colleagues to office computers from anywhere
  • Requires minimal configuration
  • Enables secure work-from-home completely free of charge


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