When it comes to supporting the organic growth of an organization, the SQL Server team’s role seems pretty straightforward. Just spin up a new VM, set up a new physical box, or expand the organization’s cloud footprint.

That’s not exactly the reality for the DBAs and other team members working on the front lines, though.

There is often an elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge because they know it won’t go over well with upper management. That unfortunate reality is the unmanageable growth in SQL Server deployments and costs.

This is a difficult and expensive problem to fix, and especially in the face of a pandemic—no organization has any excess budget to invest in a solution.

But what if a solution enabled consolidation AND cost-savings? Not only that, but what if you could also unlock peak high availability with this solution—all without WSFC?

In this on-demand webinar, DH2i’s Connor Cox leads a brief presentation and live demo where you’ll learn how DxEnterprise can improve your SQL Server environment by allowing you to:

  • Stack SQL Server instances and reduce OS footprint by 8-15x
  • Save 30-60% on Microsoft licensing costs
  • Create highly available, mixed-version clusters with any SQL edition


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