How to Configure High Availability for SQL Server on Linux without Pacemaker

Featuring Edwin Sarmiento


Now that SQL Server on Linux is RTM, there’s just one last little detail you need to figure out: how to protect your SQL Server on Linux workloads for high availability and disaster recovery.

With no Windows Server Failover Clustering on Linux, we’re forced to turn to other solutions such as Pacemaker for HA clustering. But as those of us who have tried to set up Pacemaker already know, that approach is no walk in the park.

Join SQL Server MCM / Data Platform MVP Edwin Sarmiento and DH2i’s Connor Cox for this webinar on  how to use DH2i’s DxEnterprise to make SQL Server on Linux highly available without the complexities of Pacemaker. In the webinar, you’ll get an understanding of how to use the tool to get the highest level of availability for your instances and databases without the configuration and management headaches of other approaches.


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