It’s what IT security nightmares are made of: Countless numbers of remote users accessing sensitive company data every day of the week. Exponentially increasing numbers of IoT devices. Containers and microservices running across multiple environments. All of this against the backdrop of a massive shift to the cloud.

Unfortunately, a dangerous gap is forming between the traditional security solutions organizations are currently leveraging, and the cloud-based operations, DevOps, privileged user access, and edge computing requirements of today.

Modern IT requires secure network connectivity between remote users and resources running in on-premises or cloud sites. These complex, hybrid deployments mean organizations can no longer afford to risk the security of their data by granting excessive access at the network level with VPNs. Fortunately, a pioneering new tool is available to help bridge this gap and kick off your organization’s journey to Zero Trust Security.

View this on-demand webinar to learn about this brand-new networking solution. DxConnect utilizes DxOdyssey’s state-of-the-art SDP technology to dynamically create granular tunnels between main site resources and remote users—unlocking maximized edge computing capability. This solution gets you:

  • The highest levels of security
  • The lowest latency possible
  • Highly available tunnels
  • Management simplicity
  • A greatly reduced lateral attack surface


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