Bring the “Fun” Back to IT

Optimize Your SQL Server Environment


It seems that every day brings more growth in OS and/or virtualization sprawl. Servers are overtaking administrators, and with all of the maintenance work it feels like your nights and weekends are shrinking. Having several versions of SQL and Windows Server add further patching, updating and tech refresh headaches. Not to mention all the pressure on your team for peak HA and downtime-minimizing DR solutions has never been higher.

Where’d the fun go?

Watch this webinar to learn about DxEnterprise, a new approach that lets you have some fun again with its ability to:

  • Manage all legacy and current systems for single interface pane
  • Decrease the # of OSes under your management by 5-15x
  • Increase agility to cope with constant M&A and your firm’s inevitable growth
  • Simplify labor-intensive maintenance tasks like patching, updating, and tech refresh

Let us help you allocate more resources to fun, value-added activities in your IT environment.


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