Technology Partners & Certifications

Our infrastructure-agnostic software plays well with any ecosystem. We’ve also partnered with the industry’s key players for product certification and resources. 


Amazon Web Services

DH2i has joined with AWS to become an APN Technology Partner to provide solutions for the AWS platform. DH2i is also an AWS Marketplace Seller with several AMIs available on the platform.



Cisco Partner Logo
As a Cisco Solution Partner, DH2i works to deliver integrated solutions to join customers on the UCS platform.



DH2i is an IBM Registered Business Partner and DxEnterprise has been listed on the IBM Global Solutions Directory. With this partnership DH2i aims to maximize the customers value of our products. Find DH2i on the IBM Global Solutions Directory.



WS 2012WS 2012R2WS 2012 HVWS 2012R2 HVSS 2012SS 2014
DH2i has received certification by Microsoft in Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2012 Hyper-V (Azure), Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V (Azure), SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. DH2i is also included on the list of SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery partners on Microsoft Docs.


Microsoft Azure 

WS 2012
DH2i is a Microsoft Azure Marketplace seller with several offers available for our DxOdyssey and DxEnterprise software that support RHEL, Ubuntu, and Windows. Find DH2i on the Azure Marketplace.



DxEnterprise has been validated as Nutanix-Ready and DH2i is a Nutanix Alliance Program Partner. The program brings together like minded technology companies dedicated to next-gen enterprise IT. Check out DH2i on Nutanix’s Technology Alliance Partner page.


Red Hat

DxEnterprise is certified on RHEL 7 and DH2i is a Red Hat Technology Partner. This partnership helps create a relationship that adds value for our customers and to our products. Find DH2i on the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners page.



VMware Ready VMware TAP logo

DxEnterprise has been validated as VMware Ready, which ensures reliable operation under fully loaded conditions and makes it a solution optimized for VMware vSphere. Additionally, DH2i is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP). The VMware TAP program works with technology partners to deliver enhanced value to joint customers.