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Secure Network Micro-Tunneling

  • Secure-by-app connectivity
  • No dedicated VPN
  • Eliminates lateral attack surface

Build lightweight, scalable and highly available connections between edge devices, on-premises and/or cloud environments for and between Windows and Linux. Expand this to your IoT deployments.

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Multi-Platform Smart Availability

  • Highest levels of availability
  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Management simplicity

Manage a variety of workloads at the instance level—as well as Docker containers. Get instance mobility from any host, to any host, anywhere with just an application or container stop and restart.

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 DxEnterprise for Availability Groups software icon   DxEnterprise for AGs >

Eliminate Availability Groups Clustering Headaches

  • Advanced fault detection
  • Failover automation
  • Hybrid cloud optimization

Build highly available SQL Server availability groups across Linux and Windows nodes and between clouds—without WSFC or Pacemaker limitations.

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