DxAdvantage Reseller Program

VAR AgreementVAR Agreement

We believe in enhancing VAR margins by rewarding those who do the work. While DH2i software can be bought through distribution, being a DH2i partner provides substantial margin protection as well as additional advantages and incentives.


Opportunity RegistrationOpportunity Registration

DH2i partners are eligible for additional discounts when you register a deal. You get great margin protection, plus DH2i marketing and pre-sales support.


Training & ServicesTraining & Services

We provide full training on DH2i software to your pre- and post-sales teams to support your sales and ongoing consulting business. You’ll also get sneak peeks into new beta programs and product roadmaps.


Demonstration CapabilitiesDemonstration Capabilities

DH2i software depends on demonstration capabilities, but your live demo cluster can be on any existing infrastructure—that’s one of our key advantages. We’ll provide an admin tour and build-out so you can incorporate the demo into any opportunity without being dependent on us for demos.


Marketing & Sales SupportMarketing & Sales Support

We support your marketing and sales efforts with a range of activities and material, including co-branded templates for select literature, webinars, pre-sales technical aid, and lead distribution.


Discounts & IncentivesDiscounts & Incentives

Our partners enjoy some of the industry’s highest margins, with additional generous incentives available.


We’re here to help you succeed. Contact us for more information.